Working with the Best DUI Attorney in Greenville SC

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There are many people who get arrested for DUI and just want to put the incident behind them and plead guilty and take their medicine. These folks don’t realize that they had certain rights during the arrest that could have been violated or the arresting officer made a mistake, so they unwillingly are punished when this could have been resolved differently with a skilled lawyer on their side. 

Here is how hiring the best DUI attorney Greenville SC professional gives you the best chance at having a favorable outcome. 

Looking Closer at the DUI Evidence 

The first thing that your DUI attorney will do is take a closer look at all the evidence presented in your case. This means that your lawyer will have access to the arrest video, the details of the equipment used, and even the dash camera video from the minute you were arrested. Your attorney has years’ experience with DUI law, and understands what rights you are given and if those rights were violated during the arrest process. You might think you made a mistake, your attorney is looking to see if the officer made one too. 

If your rights were violated or the officer did not conduct themselves according to the law, your attorney has the right to request certain evidence be removed or the case be dismissed. 

Getting Testimony from the Officer 

Getting the officer to speak before the court date can be an issue. Your DUI attorney understands the legalities of this case and will ask to subpoena the officer during your license suspension hearing. Although the judge in that hearing cannot make any rulings about your case, your attorney can get the officer to talk about the night of the arrest, so it is documented. 

Now your attorney can use that information to bring the officer to the stand during the trial to try and discredit them or show they did not act in an appropriate manner the day of the DUI arrest. 

The Power of the Plea Bargain 

Regardless how the evidence hurts your DUI case, your lawyer still has the ability to plea bargain with the prosecutor to try and get a more favorable result for you. Instead of accepting the DUI charge and losing your license, paying severe fines, and having this on your driving record, your DUI attorney will try to show that the charges should be dropped to reckless driving instead. This carries far less in the way of fines and you’ll keep your license. 

Your attorney will also poke holes in the case while presenting evidence about how your record may not show a history of this type behavior or that this was a unique situation that resulted in the arrest. 

Don’t pay a bigger consequence than you needed to, allow your DUI attorney to analyze all the evidence first before you make your plea. There is an excellent chance you could walk away with the case being dismissed if procedures were not correctly followed.


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