How Sexual Assault Can Ruin Your Life

According to, statistics show that every year there are approximately more than 321,500 people in America who are over the age of 12 years old and older who become victims of sexual assault. In addition, there are approximately more than 1 out of every 6 women who will have also become victims of an attempted or a completed rape at least once in her lifetime. Sexual assault can definitely change an individual’s life for the worse. Regardless if you are a prison inmate, a teenager, a middle-aged adult or even an elderly, sexual assault is something that can actually mentally and physically affect you for the worst. Not only will your mental state of mind be negatively impacted, but your entire life will also take a toll. You may not be able to live the life that you used to once live. There may be so much fear built up in your mind that you may become unable to perform your daily routine responsibilities. You may be so traumatized that you may also not be able to return to your job and financially support yourself and those who depend on you. If you have been sexually assaulted and are now experiencing hardship in your life, you may want to consider reaching out to an attorney to find out who can be held liable for the incident that changed you. 

Based on Psychology Today, statistics show that every 98 seconds, there is an individual in America who becomes a victim of sexual assault. Sadly, statistics also show that there are about 1 in 4 girls and approximately 1 in 6 boys who will become a victim of sexual abuse before they reach the adult age of 18 years old. Becoming a victim of sexual assault can definitely negatively impact your life now in the long-term. There are many different things that can occur after you have faced sexual assault such as suffering from severe anxiety, depression, suffering from having intrusive memories and having intimacy difficulties. There are also many individuals who have also suffered from sexual assault and are now unable to experience true intimacy with their partner that they love. It is important to understand that sexual assault is a very serious crime and can affect someone for the entire life, even though it was just one incident. 

If you were a victim of sexual assault and now experiencing hardship in your life, you may want to make it a priority to reach out to a lawyer. Sadly, there are hundreds and thousands of individuals in the United States who have been a victim of sexual assault and do not report it. It is very important to understand that sexual assault can and will affect your entire life. Finding closure but the incident is one of the best ways that you can be able to let go of the pain and hurt and finally move on with your life. You may also find that your life will experience a significant amount of hardship because of the incident. At this point, you may want to consider finding a lawyer to help you win your case of sexual assault. You can take time to conduct an online search for your nearest sexual assault attorney by looking up any sexual assault attorney lebanon tn

Living with sexual assault can negatively impact your entire life. If you are now living with many hardships because of the incident, you want to make it a point to reach out to your nearest sexual assault attorney. Sometimes, it takes closure with the incident in order for you to properly move on with your life and live in peace.


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