Birth Injuries That Result From Medical Malpractice Have Increased In Phoenix, Arizona

Injury and/or damage to a newborn child just before, after or during the process of birthing is defined as a birth injury. Nerve damage and fractured bones sustained during the delivery but specifically refers to damage that is mechanical is termed birth trauma.

The legal term of “birth injury” and/or “birth trauma” can be used interchangeably when it comes to the mechanical birth injuries that may be caused at the time of a child’s birth and the following two examples may be used to define the process:

  • Birth injuries that usually refer to injury or damage that came about during a term of pregnancy, just after the delivery of the child, during the delivery process that all include trauma injuries is termed as an injury of birth in the legal community;
  • Birth trauma and birth injuries can always be used as a legal terminology exchange because it refers to injuries that are usually mechanical and are imposed during the birthing process or delivery stage of a minor child.

Birth trauma or any injuries sustained during the delivery process are termed birth defects in the legal community. Damage to an unborn fetus while it is still in attached to the uterine wall and in a womb is generally termed a defect of birth. Damages can be an infection of some sort, genetic mutations, or toxin exposure. Today, there are over 4,000 birth defect types. These types of legal questions can easily be answered by a birth injury lawyer phoenix az

.Types of Birth Defects

Birth defect types can range from difficult labor or (dystocia) to intrauterine hypoxia. Some maternal health issues can cause birth defects as well. Common examples may include: 1) Premature births; 2) Gestational diabetes; 3) Stillbirth, and 4) Macrosomia.

Difficult Labor

Dystocia or difficult labor can occur if the labor has been obstructed in some form. This generally occurs when the minor child doesn’t pass easily through the birthing canal. Fetal distress may occur when this happens. Damage to the brachial plexus nerves and fractured clavicles can result when there has been physical child trauma during the birthing process. The minor child can also be deprived of oxygen which can result in severe damage to the brain and/or death. Fetal malformations can be caused by a genetic mutations. These fetal malformations can range from fatal child deformities and relatively cleft lips and palates.


A fetus can get maternal infections during pregnancy and the birthing process. This generally is termed as vertical transmitted infection. The minor child or fetus usually has an immune system that is very weak at first. So if an infection carries over from the mother, the damage can be very serious to an unborn fetus. Some maternal infections can increase the fetus’ disorders for their neurodevelopment, including brain conditions like schizophrenia in the minor unborn child.

Trauma and/or injuries during the birthing process may be unavoidable at some point or they could attribute to medical malpractice. Birth injury cases can result in medical malpractice legal claims being filed in a court of law. Legal cases from birth injuries usually seek medical compensation for the injuries that were caused, this usually include medical support for the injured child and any therapy that may be necessary.


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