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Many conditions are not ones that require the need to be on a ltoday if anything takes away one’s ability to be able to work then technically it’s considered to be a disability as far as social security disability is concerned. Many conditions are way easier to actually get an approval for than many others. Some conditions can be listed to be disabled conditions and these are the type of conditions that we’re referring to. Overall this states that the SSA has been approved that in your specific type of condition, it can potentially cause a form of disability which can actually prevent a person from working altogether. So with that being said if your condition is listed then it makes it a whole lot easier to make a case out of it. 

What Are The Conditions?

As we’ve mentioned many issues can be considered a disability which keeps you from being able to work. Some of these conditions can consist id things like heart problems, loss of hearing or trouble seeing, back problems that are severe, asthma, mental conditions and many more. Sometimes these issues are more serious than others and they tend to not be taken as seriously but they should. For these reasons is why many individuals should look into getting a Social security attorney Gainesville GA because that’s what their for. Their job is to ensure that each person is well taken care of. 

Although these disabilities are helpful in making an actual case you still have to prove to them that you are unable to work. The only exception available is a particular group which comes with severe conditions which typically qualifies for something called compassionate allowance. These is the only case for things, such as, end stages of renal disease and liver cancer. In these type of cases, you are definitely allowed to be considered to have a disability mainly because you’ve been diagnosed which is the approval and proof. But like we’ve been talking about throughout this blog, other conditions that weren’t even listed doesn’t need to be on there in order for someone to qualify, you just need to talk with an attorney. 

What If It Gets Rejected?

If you get denied don’t get discouraged or think that your condition isn’t important because it is. Things like this happen to many individuals that work in the parts of the city in Gainesville and you still have the opportunity to qualify. There’s a such thing called an appeal process which is something SSA offers that gives another chance at SDI. The only thing is that you should only go through this process after the fact that you’ve spoken to a lawyer. Another thing is that if one runs out of appeals that they should take use of then you can potentially lose the opportunity at any benefits of disability altogether. So before making this decision speak to an attorney because anything can happen and you don’t want to put yourself in that position.


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