How Does Workers Compensation Really Work?

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With many of the United State’s citizens living pay check to pay check, it can make any sort of work place injury that much harder on an individual. From recent reports as much as 34% of American’s have no savings and an additional 35% have less than $1,000 saved in the bank. This is just some of the reasons why workers compensation is so important. 

The things that are covered under workers compensation vary wildly from state to state. With that said the principles remain the same. Workers compensation is insurance for an employee, if they suffer from illness and/or injury that is work related. The purpose is to help employees still have compensation while being unable to work. This system is important especially in today’s world with so many people with little to no means to support themselves without weekly paychecks. 

Each state has its own rules when it comes to workers compensation. Some states allow certain industries to be abstained from having workers compensation. Some industries such as agriculture, seasonal workers and independent contractors aren’t always covered. The injuries that can be included in workers compensation can be from one specific incident or a cumulative effect. Some states allow for drug and alcohol tests after work place accidents. And if the employee is found to be under the influence, the business isn’t responsible for providing workers compensation. 

For example in Missouri, the workers compensations work out uniquely. If the place of business employs 5 or more people they are required to have workers compensation. But certain industries such as construction companies only need 1 or more employees to require workers compensation. Hiring a professional workers compensation attorney Kansas City mo is the best way to fully understand the law, and to see if someone qualifies. 

Many things are covered generally under workers compensation. Chronic pain coming from the lower back, knees, elbows and other joints. In Missouri specifically the injury must have happened at work. Injury while commuting or at lunch would not count for workers compensation. The report needs to be placed as soon as possible. Within 30 days of the to ensure you receive benefits. 

The benefits that come with workers compensation can come in a few ways. One way is that is to help cover medical bills and doctors visits that any injury or sickness may have caused. Another thing workers compensation can cover is lost wages. So if someone were unable to work for an extended period, they would be covered up to a certain point. Also incase of permanent disability that is covered in varying degrees, with each states policies being different. 

Workers compensation is a very beneficial to the employees and can play a significant part in someones life. It is there to protect the worker, and in most cases does a good job. Hiring professional help when it comes to workers compensation, especially with more difficult to calculate expenses, someone like an attorney can be very helpful navigating the laws. The system is great for helping employees in workplace accidents and helps keep life on track.


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