Car Accident Statistics, Obtaining an Automobile Accident Attorney

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Car accidents happen for many different reasons. Many of those reasons can easily be avoided. There are campaigns and organizations dedicated to educating the public about these reasons, however the number of crashes each year still take us all by surprise. 

The fatality rate is up by 6% when it comes to individuals dying due to car accidents. Injuries that are non-fatal directly related to car accidents are up by 27%. When it comes to the reasons behind car accidents, alcohol carries 40% of the cause. Speeding carries 30% of the cause of automobile accidents and reckless driving carries 33%. 

Each day more than 9 people are killed in what is called distracted driving. Distracted driving is when the driver is at fault of the accident, due to him/her allowing their attention to be placed on something else. One form of distracted driving is texting or talking on the phone. Another form of distraction is when the driver is looking for something in the car, applying makeup or reading. Over 1060 individuals are involved in automobile accidents due to distracted driving. For every 3 people, 1 person will be involved in an accident due to distracted driving. There is a 23 more likely chance of person crashing when they are texting than when they are not. 

Pedestrian deaths are included in the number of deaths and injuries when it comes to automobile accidents. If a person is walking or jogging, and a car hits them, their death or injury is included in the yearly statistics. Cyclists are also included in the amount of deaths and injuries. 

When involved in an automobile accident it is good to follow a few steps: call the police, seek medical attention, retrieve the license plate numbers of all the other vehicles involved, contact your insurance company, take photos and if necessary contact an attorney. Seeking medical attention is important. Even if you feel fine, seeing a doctor and having everything documented may come in handy later. Sometimes you may not feel pain from an injury, until days or even weeks later. Some pain that may not appear until later may be neck injuries or whiplash, back pain, numbness, or headaches. Headaches can actually be related to a concussion. Besides headaches, you may also experience vomiting, dizziness etc. Concussions can be serious and if you having these symptoms after an accident, seek medical attention immediately. 

After an accident, if it appears that you may need to hire an attorney find one that has a record of dealing with car accidents. The sooner you call an attorney the better. In some cases attorneys are called at the scene of the accident. If you are looking for an auto accident attorney pinellas park fl or an attorney in pittsburgh, pa. they should be able to give you immediate advice as to what not to do. A few things a lawyer may suggest is that you: don’t move your vehicle, remove yourself from traffic so no physical harm comes to you, do not leave the scene, until the police tells you it is ok to do so etc. 

If you are not sure, who is at fault or what to do at the scene of an accident, the best thing to do may be the call an attorney. They can at least guide you as to not make things worse than they already are. Having a knowledgeable legal adviser by your side can definitely help the situation.

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