Why You Should Consider Hiring a Business Attorney and How to Choose One

Whether you are setting up a business in the cosmetic industry, entertainment or the industrial sectors, there are two professionals who you will need, for your business to be fully functional, namely; an accountant and a corporate attorney. Even though most people are aware of the essence of an accountant, they often downplay the importance of an advocate until they are faced with a horde of legal issues to handle. Unfortunately hiring a corporate attorney in a time of distress not only leads to you choosing the wrong one but also forces you to spend more than you would have spent if you had hired one from the word go. So the question is, should you hire a corporate lawyer while establishing your business and if so, what are factors should you have in mind to choose an attorney who is a perfect fit for your business? 

Why You Need an Attorney for Your Firm 

Even though most business owners can handle legal issues such as crafting a business plan, registering their business names, drafting partnership agreements, managing audits and the likes, there are specific legal issues that they can’t handle on their own. Below are instances where you might need an attorney 

– When the government fills in complaints accusing your firm of the violation of laws, it is wise to hire a business attorney cincinnati oh to help you handle the issue. 
– Negotiating the sale of your firm, acquisitions, mergers or the purchase of assets 
– When you are sued by an employee (s) due to factors like discrimination, work-related injuries, and poor working conditions among many others. 
– When your business gets sued for environmental degradation 
– When a client disputes or breaches a contract, having an attorney who’ll send them legal papers creates urgency, thereby forcing him/her to stick to the agreed terms. 
– In case of compliance and risk management issues, having an attorney might prove to be incredibly beneficial. 
– When there are real estate or asset disputes. For instance, when purchasing or leasing assets for your business, it is vital that you include a skilled corporate lawyer. He/she not only acts as a witness but also offers you a strong case in case anything happens in the long run and you are sued or you sue for individual assets. 

All the above examples prove that we do not live in a utopian society and as such, things do not always flourish. One minute your business might be running smoothly and the next minute you are being forced to shut down by the local, state or federal government citing the violation of rules and regulations. During such times, having an attorney could be exceptionally beneficial. Reason being, he/she is already well versed with the in’s and outs of your firm and thereby, will be in a better position to defend you. 

Additionally, they boast the experience and are well trained to handle such issues, and whenever you are sued, or you want to sue someone, they will help you with the legal process ensuring that everything runs smoothly. Also, attorneys help you with the paperwork. They’ll walk with you all through, ensuring that you have the right forms and you’ve filled them correctly eliminating any loopholes that might weaken or cause you to lose the case. 

How Do I Choose the Right Business Attorney in Cincinnati? 

Now that you are aware of why you need a corporate attorney, the only lingering question is, with the myriads of attorneys flocking the legal arena, how do you choose the right one? Gone are the days when a corporate attorney covered all aspects of your business. Nowadays, most lawyers are taking their careers a notch higher by specializing in specific fields. It is thanks to this that one of the factors you should consider is the type of attorney your business needs. For instance, nowadays some lawyers specialize in real estate, protection of intellectual property, business organizations, and contracts and there are some who even specialize in taxes and licenses. Therefore, first examine your business needs to see who suits it better. 

Ask for Recommendations 

Once you decide on the type of advocate your business needs, do not just google their area of specialization up and choose the one who pops up on the first page of the results. Take time to ask for recommendations. Ask around from friends, family and even other businesses for referrals. Get at least three or four referrals and now take the next step. 

Do Your Research 

Once you get specific names, now get down to digging up information about them. Look for info regarding their experience, some of the most notable cases that they’ve ever solved and whether they are fully certified. You can also ask some of their previous clients about their competence and whether they were satisfied with their services. This ensures you end up with the right one. 

Meet Them Up 

With details regarding them in hand, it is now time to meet up. Treat this like an interview. Don’t be afraid to ask questions because this is all about securing the future of your business. Inquire about their experience with them, their past clients and also don’t forget to ask about billing information. 

Make Up Your Mind 

Once you interview the top three attorneys, it is now time for the final decision. Consider all the above aspects. Select one who you feel places the needs of your business better. 

Final Thoughts 

You won’t need an attorney for every legal issue. However, it is essential that you look for one beforehand. Ensure that you have one whom you can turn to, in case things go south.

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