What are your Divorce Rights in Rock Island, IL?

Any particular state located in the United States of America has its own set of ground rules for a divorce to be granted for each of the participating parties. Regulations are specific circumstances where you may have grounds for a legal divorce proceeding. You must be able to prove your allegations in a divorce trial and it should be for a very good reason. Several states within the United States of America actually make it a legal requirement where you and your spouse must live apart for several months before a divorce is granted by the court system and the judge assigned. You must know that if you and your spouse are just living apart would not be accepted as a reason to grant you a divorce in the eyes of the law.

A marital divorce may be granted either by fault or no fault within the United States. Many states have granted a divorce on faulty grounds in the past, but in the world today, many states have adopted no-fault divorces as well. No-fault and fault legal divorce proceedings require that specific legal grounds must be met in order for a divorce to be finalized by the court. A divorce that is found to be a no-fault may be granted by the court based upon irreconcilable differences, irretrievable marital breakdown, incompatible, or after the trial separation period but this is contingent upon which state that you may reside in. Neither party to the divorce is held legally liable for the marriage failure. In fault divorces, however, one party is asking for a divorce based upon the other party doing something that the court would find justifiable for ending the marriage arrangement. An experienced divorce lawyer rock island il may be able to explain all of your options that may be available to you before filing a divorce proceeding with the court. Several legal issues for a divorce that may be considered “fault” may include: 1) Cruelty, 2) Adultery, 3) mental illness, 4) abandonment, and 5) criminal convictions of some kind. There are also several grounds that are also legally acceptable in several states that include: 1) Impotency, 2) Drug addictions, and 3) Religious reasons.

Some legal defenses that are found all across the United States that can be used in response to several of the divorce claims. These legal claims may include evidence that lacks sufficient cause that the other spouse engaged in the cited conduct. These legal claims may be called condonation, reconciliation, provocation, and recrimination.

In some legal cases, your spouse could convince the court that they were actually no fault on their behalf. Condonation is usually the first defense that may be used. This is when your spouse may claim that you, in fact, have accepted their wrongful behavior and still continued to have relations with them. Reconciliation is the second defense. This is when your spouse can prove that you have actually forgiven them and a reconciliation has occurred before the filing with the court. Recrimination is usually the third defense. This is when your spouse accuses you of wrongful behavior and attempts to stop the divorce proceedings. Provocation is the last defense. This is when your spouse accuses you of abandoning the marriage.


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