The Signs Someone Might Be A Victim of Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing home abuse happens, and many people are shocked to realize their loved ones are being abused. Despite the term abuse, not all mistreatment is physical or sexual in nursing homes. Some residents are abused verbally and emotionally, they’re neglected, and they are abused financially. There are many ways a person can suffer nursing home abuse, but there are always signs you should look for if you have a loved one in a nursing home. 

Sudden Changes in Behavior 

You know your loved ones better than most, which means you’ll notice when things seem off in terms of their behavior. A vibrant, happy grandmother might suddenly become unhappy, find no joy in anything, and never smile. Some people change dramatically as a result of their abuse, and other people only change a little. They might be fearful of the consequences if they let on that they’re being abused. However, most close friends and family begin noticing sudden behavior changes, and they’re not always a result of aging, declining health, and the sadness they feel leaving their home for a nursing home. 

Sudden and Unexplainable Weight Loss 

Weight loss is not uncommon in older adults. It’s especially common when an older adult suffers from health issues. Sudden weight loss that can be attributed to a new diagnosis or a change in medication might not be anything for you to worry about. It’s when you cannot explain the sudden weight loss that it might be an issue. It could be nothing, but it’s worth taking the time to ask questions and investigate this situation. 

Sudden Lack of Appropriate Hygiene 

From bedsores to unwashed hair, your loved one’s hygiene should not suffer in a nursing home. Staff and nurses are hired to help your loved one care for their body the same way they would at home, even if your loved one is unable to properly care for their own hygiene. Bedsores are an indication your loved one is not being moved. Dirty bedpans are not acceptable, and your loved one should always have brushed teeth and hair as well as clean skin. 

Call An Attorney 

A nursing home abuse attorney Glendale AZ can help you with this type of situation. If you suspect your loved one is being abused in any capacity, it’s time to report it and hire help. You and your loved one could be entitled to damages if this type of abuse is ongoing. It’s also important you report your suspicions to put an end to this type of abuse. There could be more victims. 

Nursing home abuse is dangerous, devastating, and it’s more common than many people realize. Frequent visits are always recommended when you have a loved one in a nursing home, and not all of them should be pre-announced and scheduled. If you’re not permitted to visit your loved one without making an appointment ahead of time, consider that a red flag that something isn’t what it seems.


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