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You ought to know that if your attorney is competent, you will get a higher compensation for your physical and financial injury than if your lawyer is incompetent. A compensation offer should, as well, consider: the victim’s liability in the accident (in the case of a driver who has committed a fault reducing his right to compensation); and sums paid or payable by third-party payers (such as social security disability payments, employers’ payments, supplementary health insurance, driver’s insurance payments, and pension fund payments). Also, the internet now makes it easier and cheaper to get in touch with attorneys Salem OR

It is also a fact that an expert’s medical expertise is the key to being awarded an appropriate amount of compensation. This fact is true because, without this expertise, neither the insurance, nor the lawyer, nor the judge can know if the damage is adequately assessed or if it is related to the initial injury (and this is the case for all accidents, assaults, and medical accidents). You must arrive at a medical examination with a complete medical record, and you must have also prepared your complaints to be expressed to the expert so as not to forget anything about the impact of the accident on daily life and the future. Remember, you should avoid communicating incomplete medical records and never go to a medical examination without preparation.

Remember, the medico-legal conclusions will be applied to your case by the judge. Therefore, you need to make sure that they are accurate. Also, you should be aware that a settlement may compensate a relative of the victim, who usually shares an emotional life with the disabled person, either at home or through frequent hospital visits. It can be useful to hire a lawyer to help you. 

A settlement can also cover expenses intended to compensate for non-occupational activities which can no longer be performed by the victim during his traumatic illness. Therefore, such a settlement can cover aspects such as temporary adaptation expenses for a vehicle or accommodation, household care expenses, childcare expenses, and temporary assistance from a third person for the needs of daily life. 

You should also know even with a simple fracture (a skull crack with hematoma) the skull can be damaged much more severely than you may expect. The liable party may then either make an offer of compensation within a few months of their receipt of the claim, which may be reviewed if the victim’s state of health has not stabilized, or they may also defer the offer of compensation. Therefore, they may choose to delay the offer of payment if the responsibility for the accident has not yet been clearly established or if the victim’s state of health has not yet stabilized. On the other hand, you should be aware that it often happens that in addition to the initial amount paid by a liable party, there remains a settlement balance that must be paid to the victim.


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