Car Accident Attorney In Culpeper Virginia

Being involved in a car accident, whether you are a driver or passenger is so very frightening beyond what words can explain. Even when the accident isn’t serious, just the thought of what could have happened is enough to give you heart palpitations. The adrenaline is pumping so hard at first, that even if there is an injury, you usually won’t feel it at first. 

I have been in a number of accidents myself. Some were minor fender benders while others were full on wrecks that needed repair and even a total loss. Thankfully, in none of those accidents was I seriously injured. I must say that in all of the accidents I’ve had, to be honest, they were caused by being neglectful of the road either by myself or the other party. 

In one accident I was in, the woman must have been on her phone or just doing something to where she was not paying attention at all. I was actually completely stopped at the red light when she slammed right into the back of me, causing my fully braked car to catapult through a four-way intersection with oncoming traffic. Angels must have been with me because she hit me so hard that my vehicle was pushed completely through the intersection and totally avoided being in the path of traffic. 

My entire trunk was pushed into the backseat of my BMX 325 series. If you know anything about BMW, then you know just how compact that car is. I was blessed! I walked away from that accident with not one scratch or injury. This was not the only time I was unscathed after being in a crash. If you aren’t as lucky as I myself and have sustained injuries from a car crash, search for a car accident attorney culpeper va if you live in Virginia. You will definitely find an injury lawyer who can help you with your case. 

Once, I was driving down a winding road and I must admit, I wasn’t fully paying attention as I was pretty comfortable with this road since I had driven on it so often. Nevertheless, I must have been fiddling with the radio or something when out of nowhere, a deer ran into the road. As a reflex, I swerved to avoid hitting the deer, something friends, later on, said I should not have done. I had always heard that hitting a deer was like running into a brick wall so of course, my instinct was to swerve. However, I was told that I should have just hit the deer. To this day, I still can’t see how that would have been better having a deer sitting on my hood with sharp antlers pointing at my face. 

In any event, I have been very fortunate in the auto accident department. Not only have I escaped serious injury, but my insurance premiums haven’t skyrocketed either. When it comes to auto insurance, it seems like any little thing can make your premium go up, especially having an accident. If you were in an accident and suffered an injury as well as a spike in your insurance, then I suggest you get a good accident attorney to fight for you. Good luck!

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