Any Individual with A Pending DUI Case Requires the Expertise of An Attorney

Every single state considers it a crime when a vehicle is operated by a motorist impaired by the effects of drugs or alcohol. Many people do not realize this includes prescription medications. The terms used by most of the states are DWI or driving while intoxicated and DUI or driving under the influence. Even if the BAC or blood alcohol concentration evidence shows the person is impaired, it is possible to have the charges reduced or the case dismissed. This almost always requires the experience of a good DUI attorney. These lawyers can negotiate for treatment diversion programs and lesser sentences for their clients. 

When an individual is convicted of a DUI, they will receive some type of criminal sentence. This can be a jail sentence, a fine or community service. In most of cases, the person’s driver’s license will be either revoked or suspended. This is dependent on if this was the individual’s first offense and the severity caused by their actions. A DUI lawyer Milwaukee WI is critical for potentially having the charges dropped or reduced and helping the individual keep their driving privileges. This can sometimes be accomplished with the use of an IDD or ignition interlock device or obtaining permission from the court for the person to drive up and back to work.

When an individual receives their driver’s license their consent to be stopped by the police and undergo BAC testing is implied. If the person breaks this agreement by refusing to take a BAC test the result will be the suspension of their driver’s license. BAC is a common abbreviation for blood alcohol concentration. This concentration is in the bloodstream and used to determine the level of alcohol impairment of the driver. This process often involves drug recognition experts. These are officers with special training to accurately determine a DUI suspect’s drug impairment level. The police often set up roadblocks or DUI checkpoints. These are usually established during holidays such as New Year’s Eve and events considered to have a relation to alcohol. These roadblocks are often by busy roadways where motorists are randomly checked for impairment.

Both impaired and drunk driving offenses are considered very serious by the courts because it presents a deadly threat to the other motorists. This means the consequences of a DUI case can be exceptionally substantial. When a person is convicted they can be sentenced to serve time in jail, pay a large fine or lose their license for a specific period. The consequences are even worse when it is not the individual’s first offense. An experienced DUI attorney is critical to protect the interests of the person. They may be able to have the case dismissed or the sentence reduced. This type of attorney is experienced in DUI cases and understands what can be done to achieve the best possible results. Any individual with a pending DUI case should retain a lawyer.


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