Overview of Military Education Benefits

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There are many institutions such as military, government and private organizations that help provide veterans and their spouses. They can help them with things like educational assistance for military personnel. These institutions help in the form of financial aid by helping out with tuition fees, living expenses, books, supplies and later on with career exploration. There are many options for military spouses to receive a education. For example, MyCAA (Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts). This program provides up to $4000 over 2 years to spouses who are pursing their education in college whether its a associate degree, certification, diploma etc. 

Secondly, there is the post GI 9/11 bill for those veterans who don’t wish to avail the benefits can have them transferred to their spouse or to another individual provided that they agree serving an additional 4 years. Benefits can be given to one family member or split between multiple family members. Post GI 9/11 bill are for those veterans that served the United States 3 years after 9/11. Under this bill, veterans can receive up to 100% covered tuition fee for a 4 year college degree. Students that are enrolled full time also receive $1000 to $2000 housing allowance per month to help cover up the additional expenses and a further $1000 for books and supplies. For veterans who do not wish to pursue college have other options as well such as doing different certifications, apprenticeships, flight training, correspondence training, tutorial assistance, etc. 

Thirdly, there is the Survivor’s and Dependent’s Education Assistance (DEA). The DEA provides educational and training opportunities for spouses of certain veterans. This program offers up to 45 months of college education. This education can be used in certain degree courses, diplomas, apprenticeship, or career training courses. 
Fourthly, all over the United States there are schools and colleges that help out veterans by offering them discounts from as low as a single digit to up to 50% off. Most of the discounts listed on their website on the veterans or military section, if not then ask. This varies greatly based on the degree program and degree seeking level. Other than discounts, some educational institutes provides scholarships and grants to different categories of people, including veterans and their families. There are multiple scholarships and grants available for different criteria. 

Lastly, there are multiple army and navy loan repayment programs available that help enlisted personnel pay off college prior to service. Each program has unique processes and requirements designed to help recent college graduate pay off their educational debt. In the full time duty army, soldiers can quality to have their debt payed off as much as one third (annual amount $65,000) per year working full time.

These are the multiple options that are available for veterans and their loved ones to avail. The United States makes sure that their men that fighting for this country receive all the benefits in education. These educational benefits covers the Air Force, schools with tuition assistance for Navy, the Coast Guards and the Army.


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