What You Need to Know about Child Support

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Divorce is hard, but when children are involved it’s even harder. However, you don’t have to be divorced to receive child support as there are some parents who have never gotten married who receive this. What are some things you need to know in regards to child support? Here you can learn some of the essentials. 

Who Pays the Support?

One of the first questions people have is who is required to pay the child support. Normally, a court will determine this. However, they will determine who has to pay the money to the person who primarily has custody of the child. While it’s typically a blood related parent getting the payment, there are times when it might be a step parent or another guardian of the child. Determination of who gets the payment is thought to be the person who pays the most usually who the child lives with. If the parents have joint custody, then a judge will determine how child support is figured out.

How Much Pay is Paid?

The biggest question people have regarding child support Essex County NJ is how much money is to be paid. This is really hard to answer as each state is different. It depends upon a number of things. The amount the person paying the child support makes is a huge factor. They do have a calculator online in most cases where you can figure out how much you would be entitled to. There are a few things you will have to know when using this online calculator.

When Will the Price Change?

The other big question is when does how much you get change? The person paying the child support has to show whenever they lose or get another job. They also have to report if they have any change to their pay so that their amount to be paid can be adjusted accordingly. This might not always happen, so the courts do pay attention to these things. They normally have a hearing later down the road to go through and ensure things are in order.

What Happens if They Don’t Pay?

All too often the party whose responsible to pay doesn’t do so. While most parents don’t even file for child support as they think they will never see a penny of it, they are entitled to this help. If the person falls behind, a warrant is put out for their arrest and they stay there until the amount is paid or given an extension to find a job. It just all depends on the judge and what they see fit.

In order to be able to get child support, you have to file for it. If you aren’t sure how to do this, there are plenty of organizations which can help you do this and free of charge. While it might see troublesome or even pointless, consider the child. This helps you to provide for them and not have to struggle. It’s for them and should be sought out for. 


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