Getting A Divorce Lawyer For Your Marriage

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When you get married, the vows do specify “till death do us part”. Unfortunately, that is not the case all the time as people do not believe in keeping their vows as they should. When that happens, the divorce can be very nasty and painful to go through. If there are children involved, it can be very disastrous. That is why if the soon to be ex-spouses hate each other, it is best to get a divorce lawyer to help sort things out. If you are going to win the things you want out if the case, you need a lawyer that can make that happen. 

Why Get A Divorce Attorney 

Any Local divorce attorneys Lacey WA are good at helping the spouse who has stayed faithful in the marriage get everything they deserve. If your husband was unfaithful to you, then you have a right to ask him to leave the home. The children have probably lost all respect for him because he has hurt you. Now they don’t want anything to do with him, and this could cause a difficult custody war. You want the children to have peace through this process. So the less they are exposed to this the better. Your ex knows he is not being fair in what he wants, and what you are asking for is in the best interest of you along with the children. You have a right to the house and at least one of the cars. You should get most of the money in the bank account. The children should be with you. Your husband will be living with the other woman, whose living with her mother. So that does not make for a stable environment for the children. They should not have to uproot to go live with him when their stability is planted at home. 

Dealing With Visitation Rights 

Your husband is owed visitation to the children whether they want to see him or not. It is understandable that they are mad at him for destroying their happy home. However, you must let them know that you have to comply with the law, and they have to see him. They can express how they feel to him about what he did so that he will know for himself why they may not want to visit. Over time they may get used to it and the visits may go as they should. If you want him to pay child support, it would be best to wait and see if he is supporting the children financially on his own. If not, then you need to get the lawyer to help you set up a meeting with the attorney general’s office of your state for help. 

Getting a divorce is a tragedy of epic proportions. You suffer just like the children. There is bitterness and so much hatred before the healing takes place. You need a good divorce attorney that can help you legally get you through the rough patches.


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