The Right Lawyer Can Help You See the Right Judge in Your DWI Case

Drunk drivers are people who are driving under the influence of alcohol. They can be charged with a DUI (driving under the influence) or DWI, (driving while intoxicated). DUI cases are usually considered to be lesser crimes. Criminal attorneys help those who have been hurt by drunk drivers. 

Over 17,000 lives each year are affected by drunk drivers. Alcohol-related auto accidents claim the life of another person every 30 minutes. Blood alcohol of just 0.10 percent is the legal limit in most states. If a male between the ages of 16-20 years old has a blood alcohol of 0.02 above the legal limit, his risk doubles that he would have an alcohol-related accident. With a blood alcohol level of the legal limit for the same age group increases to 52 times that an accident will occur. Many states are trying to control drunk drivers by lowing the legal limit to blood alcohol of .08 In the United States, drunk driving is not a defense for causing an auto accident and harming others or property.

The preliminary alcohol screening test is usually part of the sobriety testing by law enforcement. The test gives out a numerical blood alcohol content level. This reading gives the law enforcement officer the reason for probable cause for arrest. There must be proven probable cause in order to obtain a conviction established by evidential testing. Refusal to take a preliminary breath test may cause other problems in the courts. Taking the preliminary breath test may allow the courts to consider probation for the driver rather than a harsher sentence. 

Anoka County, MN has very tough DWI laws. Defendants need an excellent DWI lawyer Anoka MN to protect their rights. If you have been arrested on DWI charges you will want a lawyer who has done many cases in the courts and the judges know well. The right lawyer can make sure you get to see the right judge. It can make a big difference between having a sentence of house arrest or a long jail sentence. 

Anoka County is known for making DWI defendants complete recovery programs for alcohol treatment and education. For first time offenders, they are required to complete such programs as the Anoka 2 Day Program and the MADD Victim Impact Panel programs. The 2-day program includes being in a facility for the two days and each day you attend 8 hours of videos and lectures. It is usually impossible to avoid the 2-day program, but with the right lawyer and attending private alcohol assessment before the case goes to court, the 2-day program can be avoided. 

With defendants looking at jail penalties, some judges are willing to allow the defendant to be under house arrest and do a work release program. With the right lawyer, setting up the right judge to see, you could avoid jail time altogether. Your experienced lawyer will make sure you have a good reason in order to get house arrest instead of jail time. Only those lawyers with good knowledge of the different judges in the counties can help you avoid long jail sentences.


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