What You Need To Know About Automotive Accidents Involving Pedestrians

Pedestrians are people who walk or travel along a street or road without the use of motor vehicle. Anytime a person moves from one location on a street to the next without the use of a vehicle; they automatically become a pedestrian. Unfortunately, some motorists will accidents with pedestrians. When this happens there are certain laws and processes that will dictate how this matter is resolved. Keep reading to find out general information about what a motorist should do when they are involved in a pedestrian related accident. 

General Information About Pedestrian Laws 

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) states that nearly 6,000 pedestrians nearly lost their lives in 2016. This number of pedestrians who lost their lives during that time had risen sharply during that year. The NHTSA also states that pedestrian deaths are not declining. Many states have laws that favor pedestrians who are involved in motor accidents. Generally speaking, drivers are expected to make leeway for pedestrians as they travel on the street. Motorists are also expected to give pedestrians the right-away as they travel through parking lots or move across walkways. If a driver is at fault for causing a pedestrian related accident; then a pedestrian must prove this in a court of law. Also, motorists are expected to do the same for pedestrians. 

Important Consideration for Pedestrians and Motorists who use the Roads 

Findlaw is an online website that deals with legal matters. This site points out that motorists and pedestrians should exercise “duty of care”. What this means is that drivers and pedestrians should not do things that would jeopardize other parties while out on the road. For example, if a pedestrian decides to run across a highway when cars are speeding by; they are not using good judgment or exercising duty of care. The same holds true for drivers who refuse to slow down when they see a bunch of children near a street. The law expects drivers and pedestrians to use good judgment and common sense as they use the streets, roads and highways. A pedestrian motor vehicle accident lawyer services quincy ma can often further the complex processes for discovering who is neglectful in an accident. 

Things Pedestrian and Motorists Should Do When Involved In an Accident 

All motorists and pedestrians should take the following steps when they are involved in an accident. First, they should never leave the scene of an incident involving an accident. This type of behavior will be prosecuted by the law because it shows irresponsibility and neglect. If a person is injured, they should be moved out of harms way if further harm could occur. However, no one is required to provide medical care. Anyone who is coherent enough to contact emergency services should do so immediately. 

Information should only be exchanged when both parties are conscious or not in pain. No party should ever disclose how they are at fault even if they believe they caused an accident. This could be an admission of guilt. Both parties should hire an attorney if no one can reasonably conclude who caused the accident. Drivers and pedestrians should also contact their insurance companies if they are able to do so. Yes, some insurance companies do provide coverage for pedestrians.

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