Top Four Things That You Need To Know Before Filing A Personal Injury Case

Planning to file a personal injury case for an accident that you were recently involved in? If yes, then here are some of the things you need to be aware of before you file for a personal injury case. Most people tend to think that only those with physical injuries qualify for a personal injury claim but in real sense, they go beyond the physical. Personal injury cases cover the mental illnesses that are as a result of the accident as well. For instance, after the accident you might suffer from depression, insomnia and anxiety yet before the incident you never experienced such problems. Also, the accident might cause you to lose your job, again, this qualifies for a personal injury claim. To make it more clear, here is a brief breakdown of where personal injury claims are applicable and personal injury lawyers Melbourne can help.


When a person makes offensive statements against you thus tarnishing your reputation, then you are allowed to file for a personal injury claim. 
Defective products Even though it might not be intentional, if you sell products or services that cause harm to your clients or are defective then the buyer is allowed to file a personal injury case against you. If someone intentionally hurts you, for instance, assaults you, then you should immediately file a personal injury case. 

There Are Time Limits To Filing A Claim 

You might think about postponing and filing your claim in future because you feel you are not in a position to handle any court processes. Even so, it is essential that you keep in mind that personal injury claims are subject to time limits. In most states, a personal injury case is required to start within three years after the accident takes place and additionally, some have a shorter time limit than that. It is therefore important that you file your claim as early as possible. To make the process less hectic, it is advisable that you hire a personal injury lawyer to help you with the case. 

Insurance Firms Aren’t Your Friends 

An insurance company might give you an incredible speech on how it cares and will be there when in need but once it convinces you to buy the policy, that’s it. Most insurance companies tend to try and limit or undervalue your claim in a bid to save on their costs yet you have been paying premiums all along. In respect to that, while seeking to get a settlement always keep in mind that insurance companies are not always fair and such, do not blindly accept everything they say once an accident happens to you. 

There Is No Automatic Right To Compensation 

Another fact you need to know is that you have no right to an automatic compensation. Even though all the details of the accident might prove that the other party was responsible for it even without any investigation being needed, you will still need to undergo the legal process to get compensated. Why hire a personal injury lawyer? A personal injury attorney is familiar with all the processes involved in filing a claim. They are aware of the details that you need to look at after the accident to strengthen your case.


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