Implementing Motorcycle Safety Can Prevent Serious Injury

A personal injury attorney fights for people who have been injured physically because a person, company, or government agency has been neglectful. A few examples of personal injury cases are slip and fall accidents, traffic collisions, and workplace injuries. Every state has certain qualifications for practicing law in their jurisdiction. So each personal injury attorney must qualify to practice in whatever state or jurisdiction that they are in. Most personal injury lawyers have specialized in their field and this gives them a certain level of expertise when it comes to dealing with injuries. 

What Is A Vehicle Collision 

A vehicle collision is when a vehicle collides with a foreign object such as a another vehicle, pedestrian, animal, or road debris. Unfortunately, most of these motor vehicle collisions result in death. Motor vehicle collisions can be due to individual speeding, not following the driving laws, and driving drunk. Other problems that can occur in regard to a motor vehicle accident are disability and expensive unforeseeable financial cost. Some recent statistics as of 2013 is that 54 million people worldwide were injured for motor vehicle collisions and 1.4 million died. 

Finding The Right Attorney 

When looking for a personal injury attorney you have to first make sure that they are putting your needs first and really care about your case. You want someone who is going to give you their full effort on getting you full compensation to cover medical bills and other expenses. An example of a good motorcycle accident attorney is Joel Katz LLC out of Annapolis, Md. There are many other good motorcycle accident attorney annapolis md the firm list above was just one example. The important thing for motorcyclist to remember it is to be careful on the road and get the proper training before they start riding. If an accident does happen make sure you follow the law and take all the proper safety precautions so that you are rendered blameless if a unfortunate incident does occur. This is important because it can keep your compensation from being delayed or keep you from getting compensated at all.

The Casualty Rate For Motorcycle Accidents 

Motorcycles are a fun vehicle to ride and to get around on but on the downside they are dangerous because the riders are exposed to other drivers in bigger vehicles. Most accidents that occur between a motorcycle rider and another vehicle is usually caused by the other vehicle who violated the motorcycles right away. When these accidents do occur the motorcyclist is 26 times more likely to die. As of 1999 the fatality rate for motorcycle accidents have been more than doubled. These are four potentially hazardous factors that contribute to motorcycle accidents they are visual recognition, road hazards, wobbling, and begin an inexperienced rider. From 1994 to 2014 motorcycle fatalities have grown each year. Statistics showed the average amount of motorcycle accidents each year is 5,000 this is amazing because only 1% of the drivers are motorcyclist but they make up a 15% of the traffic deaths. 

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