Challenges of Working as a Personal Injury Attorney

The work of an attorney can be overwhelming, regardless of their specialty. But if you work as an accident or personal injury attorney, your career might have more of an emotional impact. Accident and personal injury attorneys represent people who have been injured in some way and sometimes witnessing the nature of the injuries can become soul crushing over a period of time. For instance, a young person injured in a car accident or someone who is paralyzed by a skydiving incident can cause a level of sadness that’s beyond empathy. Even for people who are adept at separating business from work can be susceptible to the emotional toll that being constantly subjected to tragedy can take. 

In private practice, working as an accident or personal injury attorney can create additional stress because you typically only receive payment for legal services at the conclusion of the case. While this might not be an issue if you work for a large law firm, it’s a challenge for independent attorneys because working a case through completion can take a long time, sometimes years. This means that the emotional toll of a personal injury case might be exasperated by the stress of delayed payment for your hard work. Not to mention the frustration of working on a case for years and then not being compensated. To mitigate this issue, law firms and attorneys typically assess cases in order to determine whether they can handle the level of risk the case carries. 

Accident and personal injury attorneys become good at making recommendations regarding how to proceed based on the strength of a case, especially those that are an auto accident lawyer Merrillville IN. If an attorney believes the jury risk is too great, they might encourage their client to settle the case, even when this might result in a lower amount than what might have been awarded by a jury. The decision would be based on what’s best for the client 

Risks Associated with Accident and Personal Injury Cases 

Many accident and personal injury attorneys also understand that a lot of settlements are not as high as people think – it’s not like what you see on television shows. There are other considerations, even when an injury is serious. For example, if an attorney is working a personal injury case that was the result of a car accident, there might be an issue with the insurance policy being insufficient. When that happens, the issue becomes whether the money can be collected from the assets of the defendant. In many cases, even when there’s a win, it’s either difficult or impossible to collect the money. This means that even really good attorneys deal with a lot of risk when it comes to accident and personal injury cases. 

There’s also the stress of having to turn away a client with a legitimate case when the money just isn’t there. As part of the process of assessing a case, it can be difficult to explain to someone who has been injured that they will not likely receive much compensation for their injury. While seasoned attorneys become good at assessing cases and determining whether it’s viable, the difficulty of disappointing someone who has been injured can be taxing.


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